Jedlitschka Gallery

This year, I’m back again in the middle of Zurich: Martin Jedlitschka invites to his anniversary sculpture garden. Meet me for «Sunday-Zopf» on September 4.

Martin Jedlitschka started to show selected artists in the garden behind his gallery in Seefeld ten years ago. This year I participate with «Circe» and the «Muse».

On September 4, 11 am to 3 pm, Gabriel Mazenauer, Martin Jedlitschka and I invite you to a little Sunday brunch with «Zopf» and «Gonfi», at Seefeldstrasse 52, in the middle of Zurich.

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Participating artists 2022: Alexander Heil, abstract figures; Arijel Strukelj, nature-human sculptures; Chiara Fiorini, object art; Corina Staubli, printed vision; Samuel Mathiss, fractal sculptures; Gabriel Mazenauer, chrome steel networks; Heinz Nitzsche, reliefs in concrete; Jaya Schürch, natural phenomena; Kalle Oswald, Classical Sculpture; Katharina Mörth, Formal Identity; Marcel Bernet, Figurative Wood; Margo, Power Flower; Martin Raimann, Archaic Sculpture; Markus Fritschi, Wind Sculpture; Max Roth, Monolithic Sculpture; Morné Swonepoel, Archaic Sculpture; Simeun Moravac, Outdoor and Indoor Spaces.

From cedar to «Circe»: A month of work cut down to one minute of video.

Two strong women are mounted.

30.04.2022 - 30.10.2022

Freely accessible

Jedlitschka Gallery