Marcel Bernet holzbildhauer figürlich holzskulptur sculptor figurative wood art

Best of 2022: visarte Zurich

Wide-ranging exhibition of works.

Solo exhibition

Solo show in Winterthur.

Glossy Cow Marcel Bernet holzbildhauer figürlich holzskulptur

Bossy Cow

Dance in St. Gall.

Marcel Bernet holzbildhauer figürlich holzskulptursculptor figurative wood art

Art @ Saratz Pontresina

Art performance with four stars.

Marcel Bernet holzbildhauer figürlich holzskulptur klosters

Kunsthaus Klosters

Art in the Alps.

Nicely slanted: the art of balance

Solo at visarte gallery.

Marcel Bernet holzbildhauer figürlich holzskulptur sculptor figurative wood art

Jedlitschka Gallery

Meet «Circe» on video.

skulptur holz bildhauer

Art in the forest

Until the end of October

BEST OF 2021 – Visarte Zurich

«Mask Dance» near main station.

Art for Children

On 30.11. from 6 pm in Küsnacht.

Narrow and high

«House of Cards» at Artischock

«Freshly winked» at the Summer Garden

11 Sculptures in Zurich Oerlikon.

BEST OF visarte zurich 2020

Art with a distance.

Sculpture Park Frauenfeld

Curated group exhibition.

Solo Exhibition at the Vineyard

Summer Stories.

«On the way» near Basel

Paintings, Photos and Sculptures.

openArt Roveredo

Summer Sculpture Park near Bellinzona.

Open studios in Bulach

Art in the green.

Jedlitschka Gallery Sculpture Garden

Summer 2019 in Zurich.

Glatt Art

Herrenwis on show.

galerie 111 aussenansicht

Fascination Land

Fascination Land.

Bad RagARTz

500’000 visitors in summer 2018.

Vis-a-vis in Winterthur

Eve and Adam enjoyed their attraction at the kuk!

Espresso with Donald

The «Populist» gave you a break.

Solo exhibition in Bulach

Giants on the Hill for a year.

Urban Life Zurich London

Father and son, sculpture and photography met in Zurich.

Kings & Queens in Bulach

When art meets industrial history.

Sculpture Path Zwicky

A village gets a giraffe for summer.

Sculptures with a view

In 2016 a few artists were invited to exhibit their…

Picnic at the Park

Solo exhibition in Zurich.