Art in the forest

One of the oldest wood corporations celebrates 175 years – and treats itself to a juried exhibition of the works and installations of 17 artists. A walk worth taking.

The wooden works are placed in two forests, ‘Guggenbüel’, closer to the city, and ‘Honeret’.  Here is the exact location of my sculpture and the Lorenzhütte (click on the selected destination, then search for the route there). You will find a map with all works on this Flyer PDF. The exhibition is open to the public at all times. A closing event will be held on 21 October at the Lorenzhütte. If you want an invitation by mail, subscribe to my newsletter.

«Dottoressa» and «Lili» adorn the Guggenbüel forest, closer to the town of Dietikon. You can cross the busy Badenerstrasse into the Honeret forest from these two. The Limmattaler Zeitung has written a report with this informative route description.

«Dottoressa» smoking on her way to the forest: a new sculpture cut down to 40 seconds.

01.04.2022 - 21.10.2022

Freely accessible

Lorenzhütte in the Honeret und Guggenbüel forests, Dietikon