Creating from seeing

To be human is to dance between heaven and earth, fear and hope, light and shadow. In between lies a space that wants nothing. Where we simply are.

Sometimes books lead me to insights that must have lurked somewhere inside me. Until I read this sentence, I «knew» nothing about a space that wants nothing from me. Everyone wants something from me – most of all myself.

«It’s about paying more attention to the space around us. If you do this, a feeling of trust develops that space exists in front of our eyes and that it is not demanding anything.» says Chögyam Trungpa in «True Perception – The Path of Dharma Art».

Light, dark and something in between
This picture has accompanied me ever since. There is this space inside me that I can enter. For me it lies between the polarities that shape my life in the same way, making it alive. As a human being, I am thrown into this world of all appearances and emotions.

When I stand in front of a new sculpture, there is first of all hope: it should become a masterpiece. This immodest anticipation often tips over into fear: is that even possible? And what if I make the wrong cut now?

Now I could oscillate between fear and hope, roll around concepts, do nothing at all. Or try to take hope back a little so that fear might disappear. Subdued light, subdued dark, and everything becomes a little easier?

Creating from seeing
For me, the first step out of any avoidance or stress strategies is awareness. So ideally, I remind myself of the room that wants nothing. To enter it, I first have to take a step back. Sometimes a few conscious breaths are enough for that. Or I have to get out of the room in which I am standing. Anchor me in nature, seek silence.

Where I want nothing from myself, I can see. Fear and hope have their place there, they are. I see them, explore their sources, recognize their liveliness. They make me alive as long as I don’t freeze or cheer them. The space that wants nothing is full of love, unintentional.

From this space, I want to create. My art, my relationships, my life. Because there begins a seeing that does not evaluate.