On Mind Poetry

I recently embraced my head. Anger turned into acceptance. Nature’s immediacy has helped me to live something new.

What has led me to this experience? The turn of the year, the solo night in the snow, the stillness on Vorderarni in the Swiss Mountains? Certainly all of it. Anyway, there was my anger about my inner critic and two ski sticks.

Following an impulse I stuck them both into the snow, three steps away from each other. One for my mind, the other for the inner child. I first took the place of mind. It immediately barked at its little counterpart: «Pull yourself together, make a plan, stop moaning!»

I was surprised about how hard I was at judging myself in my mind. Get out of this position, I thought – how does the inner child feel? The answer sounded concerned – and surprisingly open: «Why so severe? You are a part of us. We are many inner voices. We like you.»

Is that so? There are parts within me who like the mind? Wasn’t I just looking for less head heaviness, less inner judgments? One should get rid of this thinking, or not?

I took the three steps back over to the mind, let myself arrive and felt open, in contact, consoling: «True, I belong to you.» I saw the two of us standing in a circle with all other inner parts. All of this lies within myself and I can be all of this. In easy and less easy encounters.

The mind had taken its part in this improvised systemic constellation. But it had no control over its course and the images that had come up in the according positions. The battle against the mind – against myself – thus had turned into acceptance. Suddenly I could see the «Mind poetry». It is not only the seat of judgment and organisation. There is also creativity, lightness and openness.

The crucial element lies in the experience of these words. What we experience makes our ideas and concepts personal, alive. And I believe that in this way, we are better equipped to integrate them into our everyday life.