Intuition: from guts to strategy

Gut feeling or business plan? The essence is where the «or» becomes an «and», where intuition and intellect merge.

Pablo Picasso holds a distinct plea towards intuition: «I do not seek, I find.». No more seeking, only finding – what a relief. And what a struggle it would be to become like Picasso…

These three elements make your finding easier:

The first step: become aware of your judging

It requires all aspects of our personality to bring our calling into the world. The greatest power arises when we say «Yes» to everything that we hate or love in ourselves.

We strive towards everything that makes us bigger, more radiant, lighter. We refuse everything that seems negative, dangerous or heavy to us. We judge others every minute. And each of these judgments is a mirror of what we want or refuse in ourselves.

Second step: yes to being as you are.

These judgments are acutely human. Taking a step towards being conscious does not lead to refusal, though. Acceptance of the inner gap between «this is how I want to be» and «this is what I despise» awaits one step below at the next level of depth.

When we appreciate both sides in us, a portal may open. And from this place, we observe our thoughts. The more love we put into it, the freer our seeking, finding and acting becomes.

Third step: yes to Source.

Every tiny little pinch of self-acceptance enhances the inner connection. And this inner harmony makes us calmer. Now we can listen more carefully to what the universe has to tell us. Now we can perk up our ears with a focussed inner attitude that is open even to the tiniest of signals.

Ideas, images, solutions come to us within milliseconds and stay. At first, we may not have confidence in those inspirations. But we all have access to Source. «Have» is the wrong word. «Be» fits much better: we are at the Source. We cannot buy ourselves into the access, secure it, hold it. It is given to us when we dare.

Acting in Harmony

The quantum physicist Hans-Peter Dürr describes our «encompassing me» as a drop in the ocean. If we want to manifest anything in our physical world, this «greater me» shrinks down into the ego and rises above the sea as an individual drop. «…there, I stand in front of others as an individual and become capable of acting.» (translated quote from the book Geist, Kosmos und Physik, p. 126, Google Books).

The inner connection with ourselves and the connection beyond ourselves enhances the access to our intuition. When an action arises from this connection, it is in harmony with the ocean’s waves, and thus its manifestation will have its greatest effect. And because our small me is unique, we all read the waves in vastly different ways.

The best of ways are playful – just like Picasso. When a journalist asked him, why he had changed from the «Blue» to the «Rose period», he replied: «When I don’t have blue, I simply take red.» (Victoria Charles, Picasso, page 5, Google Books)

I deepened my understanding of this path at the International Intuition Summit Basel. The handout may serve as an inspiration:

Zurich, February 2017
Photo: Jan Bernet