Meet your Essence

The individuals who visit me are looking for more lightness and new perspectives on their job. I combine my experience as an entrepreneur with the ability to look deeper. «Creating from Seeing» is the guiding theme of my work. What does that mean for you as my coachee?

I want new doors to open in every session, for things to show that were hidden in the dark. This mutual journey dances between two levels:

Horizontal: Acting
Practical questions can be tackled directly: how do I prepare for a team discussion, how do I react to criticism, how do I pitch my ideas? «I want to become independent and I need to present myself» leads to the discussion of requirements and possible solutions.

Actions on the horizontal plane are a question of priorities and time management. Here I draw from my experiences as an entrepreneur, author, artist, private individual.

Vertical: Looking deeper
Doors open in the depths. They let us realise patterns and let them go. Trust and humbleness are necessary for this. Trusting that something essential will happen – and happens – even without us having to «do» it. And humbleness, because we are not in control anymore. It is in these depths that I journey with you as a companion – through my «Seeing».

I work with spiritual practices, trauma integration, systemic work – among others: Systemic Ritual® with Daan van Kampenhout, Trauma Integration and Systemic Work with Johannes B. Schmidt, Learning Love with Krish und Amana Trobe, Money and Source Work in the Master Class with Peter König.

Stumbling included
«Creating from Seeing» is a vision that guides me. As a coach, artist and continuously learning individual, I keep following this vision to the bottom. This is where I regularly practice trust and humbleness. Stumbling is an invitation to connect with our essence. Where easiness and clarity about the next step are waiting for us.