Residency Notes from Klosters

From July to August I work at the Kunsthaus Klosters as an artist in residence. Here I realise my project “Zugezogen”, selected by the jury. It connects history with personal stories, and builds a bridge from 800 years of Klosters and Walser pride to people who immigrate today. My residency notes illustrate my approach to the work, the place and the people.

They are written in German and published on the German side of my webpage, so please turn on your translation helpers:

#7 Rituale in der Kunst-Klause 7. August 2022
#6 Auf dem Weg, mit Überraschungen 3. August 2022
#5 Sonntag, die Säge ruht 31. Juli 2022
#4 Schreiben und Sägen? Umzug geschafft 27. Juli 2022
#3 Recherche: Arbeit oder Ferien? 24. Juli 2022
#2 Nestbau und Kennenlernen 19. Juli 2022
#1 Raus aus der Komfortzone 10. Juli 2022

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All about my project, 800 years anniversary of Klosters and art at Kunsthaus.