Irmi and Noel

When I think of Irmi, this picture always comes to mind: at the wheel of her SUV, her son Noel sitting in the back under the open tailgate. With one hand, he holds on to the car. The second serves as a trailer hitch for the compost container heavily filled with my sawdust. Adventurous!

Since recently, adventures with Irmi have only remained a memory. She was the neighbour in Bulach who looked after neglected horses. And together with Noel, she always had time for a chat, a coffee, sometimes a glass of wine. And a throaty smoker’s laugh.

Noel took care of her for a long time, and it was a farewell in stages. A wooden bench honours the place where her ashes are spread; Noel often walks up there: “I can sit and talk to her.”

This sculpture is a gift to Noel, it also lets my joy of encounters live on.