«Guardian Twins»

When the owners built this house, it was already clear that a sculpture had to be placed at the entrance. Now, royal protectors provide a curved contrast to the clean lines of the building.

Without appreciation, there would be no art. Here, two people invited me to develop and implement an idea for them. I experienced a lot of trust, generosity and courage – because they ordered what I proposed to them. Without knowing exactly how it would come out. As little as I really «knew» myself.

In each of my works, there is a part of not-knowing, of daring, in addition to wanting—ideally, a gift of success that goes beyond me.

Only after the montage could I see: it carries. And the contrast between archaically curved wood and geometrically clear architecture could not be better. It is what I wanted and more.

Nice gift: «Hochparterre» acknowledges the intervention as «Art on the Column» (German, PDF).

At the beginning there was a briefing, measuring, looking for ideas. What fits the existing dimensions, the location, the clients? How can the existing column be integrated?

de coi fertig beide seitwärts breit

In the end, man and woman stand in full size; two principles, one crown. They carry and complement; setting a counterpoint – the video documents the milestones.