«Erna» and her walnut story

A walnut tree that slowly tips over the plot takes a new turn with «Erna».

The owners had received the young tree as a gift forty years ago when they bought the property. As it grew at a dangerous angle across the site, it was to be felled. Could I make something out of it, and if so, what? At the briefing, it was clear to me: I dare to do it. To find an idea and realise it on the spot, on the three-metre trunk.

From the location, the history and the conversations, an idea grew in me over days and nights. I tested and presented it in a small, about 30 cm high model.

It was well-received. And over the summer, I had a place to work on the edge of the forest. With hospitable clients, constant sunshine and a log that was still damp, of course.

As always in my work, there is a flow between model and realisation that grows beyond my intentions. Then something new and different emerges. For me, success always means amazement.

Now «Erna» stands there in walnut colour as if grown out of the edge of the forest. It tells the story of a gift – a gift that has come a long way, recalling its beginning with the golden nut.

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From the briefing to the golden nut in two minutes.