With the seasons to my studio

This field greets me on my journey to work. The change from winter fallow land to man-sized corn leaves me astonished. 

When I cycle past this acre, which reaches to the horizon between two forests, I am amazed. About the fact that every spring, something sprouts again. That I soon stand in the shadow of the plants, then stomp through the snow silence of a black and white landscape. That this interplay of soil, light, rain, animals, people leads to the harvest of every autumn. The earth welcomes us with patience and generosity; I can use both of these in my studio. I feel invited to give back with gratitude, to pass it on, to find it for myself.

If you feel like exploring my path, check it out on GoogleMaps (follow the brown line). To ask for a visit to my studio, go to Contact.

Taking a break in winter, awakening in spring, growing in summer, harvesting in autumn.