Solo show in Bulach

Until March 2018 seven large pieces stood on the Church Hill in the old town of Bulach. I am very happy about the invitation to this outdoor show by the Sigristenkeller. Every year the Jury of this Culture Foundation selects a different artist.

«Between Man and Mask» was my working title for this solo show. The theme is evident in the large objects on the hill and in some smaller works, which were shown at the opening in the adjacent Sigristenkeller Gallery.

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Introducing «Lion Queen» to guests at the opening. Photo Daniele von Arb.

The «Creatress» found the perfect spot to define herself out of that log.

«Icarus» and «Child within» enjoy the green spot.

«Madame Girafe» enjoyed the view of the beautiful old town with grace.

12.05.2017 - 13.03.2018

Free access to the outdoor objects.

Reformed Church Bulach, Hans-Haller-Gasse 4, 8180 Bulach

See how the sculptures flew onto the hill and get a view of the beautiful spot.

On the two opening days smaller sculptures were on display in the Sigristenkeller Gallery nearby.

Three months of work at the Studio in Bulach are compressed into 40 seconds.

Creatures on their way back to the studio - or moving on to Bad Ragaz.