Sculpture Trail in Assens

«L’art au fil du Talent» is a juried sculpture trail at the invitation of the Espace culturel Assens. The installation «Position et Perception», realised together with Nina Rodin, is one of 38 artworks in the fields, forests and villages along the small river Talent.

The exhibition will open on Saturday, 13 May – details to follow. Anyone who wants to be invited, hop on my list.

The exhibition is open to the public, 38 artists from 13 cantons will show their works until the finissage on 24 September 2023. A visit with some time is worthwhile: the area with its rolling hills, fields and large farmhouses invites you to slow down and relish. The Espace culturel Assens organises high-quality exhibitions and events: website.

It’s great that our project was invited! This is the first time I can exhibit in French-speaking Switzerland and realise a work together with Nina. She does ingenious things, here is her website/bio. Photos and video clips are constantly on my Instagram and Facebook.

Short text about the project for the catalogue, adapted from French:
Position and Perception by Nina Rodin and Marcel Bernet addresses our ambivalent attitude towards nature – depending on the point of view, the perspective changes.
Circe by Marcel Bernet seems to grow out of the ground like a tree. Is its raised index finger an invitation to leave the path or a warning sign of an invisible danger? As a demigoddess, Circe enchanted Odysseus’ crew and turns them into pigs. On the advice of a messenger of the gods, Odysseus meets her with a raised sword, but with respect. From then on, Circe receives him as a loving and caring hostess.
Intersection by Nina Rodin wraps tree trunks behind the sculpture with a unique combination of coloured ribbons. Each spruce becomes an individual, nature-lovingly decorated. Rodin encountered these ribbons in the Amazon; they are also used to classify victims of natural disasters. Depending on the location, the ribbons appear as a single horizontal line. Is it an ornament or does it already echo the sound of the chainsaw from which Circe grew?

13.05.2023 - 24.09.2023

Freely accessible at any time

Espace culturel Assens

Circe emerges