Open studio in Bulach

After three years it was time again for a BBQ. On the first weekend of July all studios at «Werk 07/13» were wide open, beer, sausages and risotto were sold by co-artist and chocolatier Mischa Klaus. The local paper wrote this short story – in German of course.

The industrial complex hosting my studio is beautifully located in a natural preserve zone down at the Glatt river. We all cleared up our working spaces and showed the latest works, see video. You will find the presenting painters, sculptors and craftsmen on with links to the whole cooperative.

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That's two populists on one photo - by Morris Weckherlin, Zurcher Unterlander.

Lineup of all the exhibiting artists.

Lots to see, for all ages.

Showtime - all clean and tidy.

01.07.2017 - 02.07.2017

Sat 5-10 pm, Sun 10am-2pm

Werk 07/13, Herrenwis, Bulach

Lots of people, lots of art.

45 seconds bike rush from nature to studio.