Kunsthaus Klosters: Artist in Residence

From mid-July to the End of August, I am working in Klosters. The jury chose my project «Immigrated» for the cultural plan around «800 years of Klosters».

With «Immigrated» I illustrate change: 800 years ago, Walser families set out from Davos over the Wolfgang to the valley basin of Klosters. The first documents called these immigrants «colonists», whose hard work brought enough benefit to the feudal lords to allow them to settle. Today, one is recorded as a «New Resident» if one decides to set out for Klosters and settle there. Two figures and their stories connect the past with the present.

I am sawing and pigmenting in Klosters as an artist in residence from 18 July to 2 September, together with Bettina Gugger and Kathrin Severin. Our works will be displayed at the Midissage on Friday, 26 August, from 5 pm in Klosters.

If you like to read German, check out my frequent «Residence Remarks» on Medium.com.

The temporary Kunsthaus Klosters hosts an exhibition of works to mark the anniversary. It is open to the public free of charge on Friday 5-8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 2-5 pm. If you want to meet me in Klosters, please let me know because I might be on the road. The house is only open during the exhibition times.

As part of «800 years of Klosters – Walser pride and world stories», numerous activities are taking place. Ongoing news from the Kunsthaus team here; hop on my invitation list here. Check out Kunsthaus-News on their website (German) or join my newsletter.

18.07.2022 - 02.09.2022

Fri 5-8 pm , Sat and Sun 2-5 pm.

Kunsthaus Klosters