Kings & Queens

Art held court for a last time in 2006 at the Sulzer casting halls, which are replaced by a major building project. More than 1000 people visited the vernissage.

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A major honour is due to Mischa Klaus who risked a lot by organising this event. I appreciate his passion and his joy just as much when he is in his role as a chocolatier or as the tenant of my studio in Bulach.

This vice-king is on his way to the top: «Corporate Ladder», 260cm, pigment on cedar wood. Right by his side «Femme Verticale», pigment on lime wood.

14.07.2016 - 21.07.2016

Soliboden Bulach

My «Family» stood in the centre of the hall, surrounding the «Creatrice».

Delivery of the «Creatrice»