BEST OF visarte zurich 2020

150 artists showed pictures, objects and videos. A lot of art with a lot of space for visitors – thanks to the Covid-protection concept.

In the spacious rooms of the then empty Haus Eber, the works came close to each other in the Petersburg hanging style – viewed by mask-wearing guests in well-distanced doses. visarte was a guest at ArtCon, «BEST OF 2020» and its accompanying programme were curated by Sandi Paucic and Clare Goodwin. I was present with the sculpture “Selfie at the Abyss” from my Balance series.

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A glimpse at the opening.

04.12.2020 - 12.12.2020

2 pm to 7 pm

Haus Eber

«Selfie at the Abyss», Cedar, 160x25x30 cm