Bad RagARTz

Every three years I take a stroll through Bad Ragaz. Nowhere else can you see so many sculptures in such a beautiful setting. From May to November 2018 I was presenting my own works together with 77 artists. The organisers rightly call their project “one of the largest open-air museums”. Entry was free, more than 500’000 visitors came this year – Sculpture Network published an overview with many images. Bad RagARTz edition No. 8 is planned to open on May 8 in 2021.


In my view, the Hohmeister Family are very special curators, creating a unique event with heart and soul. The spectators are invited to stroll, touch, experience sculpture in a way that museums rarely offer. The dialogue with other artists and many of the visitors were enriching and inspiring. With joy I donate my «Curator» to their Foundation. He was inspired by the spirit of this exhibition and he will stay at the place of his roots.

«Muse»: taking the stage and hiding at the same time.

How the «Populist» was created: True Greatness unites opposites.

05.05.2018 - 04.11.2018

Bad Ragaz, Pfäfers and Vaduz

Catch a glimpse of the installation of 12 large artworks and see them in situ at Bad Ragartz.

Cedar, cherry, acorn: new logs being transformed in my studio.