Clarity at the Source: What’s Next?

Throughout our lives we are confronted with the question: who am I? Whoever listens carefully to the Source within could discover a new lightness.

A statement by Nietzsche has inspired and at the same time confused me for years: «There is one path in the world that none can walk but you. Where does it lead? Don’t ask, walk!»

Clarity, now!

The truth in these words has touched me. It was contradictory to my ongoing questions where do I go? What’s next?

It seems to be a central human trait, this impatient «ahead!». Fuelled from inside and out. Parents, teachers, partners, society’s requirements tell us who we are. They mould us through acceptance and rejection.

Mostly in the mist

Today I know: the path leads inwards, towards that connection with my Source. Where the water wells up. From here we set foot on our own, individual path. Still poking around in the mist, asking: what’s next?

We are the only ones with this specific connection to our Source. Clarity lies within and we get there by inner access or exchange with others: «All real life is meeting», says Martin Buber. External answers to our questions, doubts and ideas lay down stepping stones towards our own inner clarity.

Three steps towards yourself

Your path to clarity could be guided by these points of navigation:

  1. Enjoy the questions and the mist
    The following would have helped me to be less confused about Nietzsche’s statement: more patience with myself, my seeking and my insecurity. Now, I am sometimes even able to enjoy the insecurities of a transition. To feel joy in experiencing something coming my way, even though I cannot guess its nature. What helped me was Peter König’s insight that a Source is poking around in the mist for eighty percent of the time. Creating clarity is one of any Source’s most important tasks.
  2. Seek for exchange
    When the feeling gets really unbearable, insecure, dark – those are the moments, in which I want to talk least to anyone. I have learned, though, to dare to do it anyway. Accepting my own insecurity, I can express myself without fear. When my vis-à-vis is open, can keep something in confidence, does not judge or give advice. My clarity often grows as I am formulating my questions – instead of letting them turning rounds in my head, causing sleepless nights.
  3. Having confidence in the Source
    Everybody has experienced these moments in which clarity appears. And we cannot say where it comes from. It is just there.

My connection to the Source is supported by being in nature, in community, by love, music, stillness, and by everything I do with my hands. This is when I get touched by my own melody. The Source hums it and leaves me, benevolently, with the choice.

Ready for take off

What is your resonance, what do you want to experiment with? Be as you are and trust yourself. Cast off!

Rainer Maria Rilke‘s poem «On patience» is encouraging and ends with the following words: «It is about living everything. When you live the questions, you may possibly, without even being conscious of it, live your path into the answers on one foreign day.» (

Picture by Marcel Bernet, Mythenquai Lake Zurich