Always Online, The Healthy Style

Always available, always connected: smartphones and social networks give us the possibility to reach further. They enable us to work smarter. And at the same time, they challenge and distract us. Here are five steps to digital self-love.

These insights are based on my own experience, social media expertise (biography), and managers’ counselling. The most important message first: if you do not generate new stress from these five propositions, you will profit. Make your choice about what playfully benefits you.

1. Attend to your personal network first.

In your own organisation, in networks that interest and inspire you personally.

2. Explore efficient routines for checking email.

How about…

a) checking your emails twice a day at the max, disable all notification functions and the signal for the number of unread e-mails.

b) clearing out your inbox once a week: move all messages that you cannot answer or delete immediately into a folder  «Pending». Place it close to your inbox folder, so that you cannot fail to see it. Even better: immediately decide on their priority and move them to one of these two folders: «This week» or «This month».

3. Use Social Media in a focused manner.

What do you want to achieve? In your private life and business, which networks do you want to use? Which content do you focus on to add value for your readers? Ask these questions once a year, then stick to the answers.

4. Be your own best friend.

Spend time with yourself. Do things that you enjoy. How about a massage once a month? Connect through nature, music, stillness and serenity with what really touches your essence.

5. Look into faces.

Spend time with your innermost circle of friends and relatives. Share, exchange, recognise yourself and the other in the encounter.

And sometimes – just use the off button and get out of the busy world of online communication. Playfully. And without judging yourself or the network. John O’Donohue says to this:

«When we allow ourselves to be the person that we are, everything will fall into its own rhythm.»

Zurich/Lucerne, September 2013